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Finished Jake's script tonight, and I still need to figure out names for Nole, Caitlin, Jaiden, and Trey. I still have 11 scripts to go, and if whom I need each night is able to meet with me when I ask, I will have 2-3 scripts done per meeting. Once scripts are finished and finalised, we will start filming.
we will start filming the main introduction video in around 3 or so weeks, depending on who we have available.

(Further in-depth videos of each member of the team will hopefully become available to watch each week after the main video is uploaded. The videos will come out in order of the roster on the main video.)


1.) Jake (Mobster) - Script completed

2.) Trey 

3.) Caitlin 

4.) Leif 

5.) Aidan (FRP) 

6.) Nole 

7.) Tyler 

8.) Jaiden 

9.) Sydney (Blue) 

10.) Istvan 

11.) Alex