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Trey Wainman

Today I updated our event calender for this years new season. 

I added 

  • 9/7/19 Challenge Launch at CCSU
  • 9/10/19 Middle School Open House
  • 9/15/19 New Hartford Day

I was experinceing promblems with joomla's backend for the website. None of the web style elements and image files were not loading on desktop but was on a single laptop. If anyone knows how too fix the issues please contact us.


Today I worked on making a list of easy fundraisers. My idea was to make a skiing robot to have as a fundraising bot. I decided to take measurements of the body of the robot to figure out what size skis we would use. I also worked on making a list of local restaurants that are close to the school for the qualifier.

In April 2019 we hosted a Girl Scout robotics badge day where we planned out different activities for each level to allow the scouts a better understand robotics and technology. We were able to complete multiple parts of all the robotics badges. We also had our robot there and showed them what FIRST is all about. The girls enjoyed driving around the robot.

Website Design and future changes

Over the last week I have been hard at work to fix minor issues with the website to help the overall flow and structure of the platform. The website is a invaluable tool for our outreach program and our engineering notebook. It stores key information for the team and provides a space for everything our team may need. In our last meeting I had made up a checklist of goals i wanted to accomplish this week. While everything was not completed in time a good amount of work was completed, before i list the changes i do want to mention that the website hopefully could start be used to its full potential in the tail end of 2020. If we go into a lockdown again, work on the website should gradually increase as I can pull more resources and time to increase the size and scope of the website. 

Changes made of the 11/09/2020 to 11/13/2020

  • Delete bot accounts
  • Recognize and filter unwanted domain emails from known spam and bot centers ( and .ru) 
  • Add new account category (Alumni and School Administrator)
  • Transfer past team members and Parents account onto the Alumni user category.
  • Add new category for articles (NRG6762 Policies and guidelines)
  • Add Privacy policy
  • Add our COVID-19 Compliance policy on the website
  • Add much needed metadata onto our most popular pages.
  • Run Google Lighthouse on the our website to look for potential issues.
  • Check in unfinished or checked out blogs. 
  • Read Joomla Security patches and SEO updates

I am happy with our changes, It's kinda funny that in one week i got more work done on the site than the summer of 2020. Anyway's the Google Lighthouse Audit proved useful as now i have a method to test to see any optimizations are doing any effect. I am still a little confused with the audit report, a lot of the information i don't know how to really understand the data its providing me. I'm the only one who really likes website work so im alone on this project. A Lot more work needs to be done by the end of 2020 to get us upto scuff to other teams. I have took a peek at other teams websites and a lot of them have something that we do not. Simplicity of use and a intuitive nature, they are using prebuilt CMS platforms that are often provided by services like wordpress and godaddy. While those platforms do not give the in depth configurations like Joomla, they provide a easy way to access information while having a well optimized system. For outside users our website seems dated and clunky. A great place to start to improving our website is reconfigure our homepage and toolbar. We need to move the hyperlinks buttons from the toolbar to center page. A decrease of tool bar clutter and streamlining the way a user moves from page to page could help us. Adding more intuitive accessibility features may also help the website as well. These changes won't happen overnight but I think some simple fixes can at least get some momentum on our outreach program.

I plan to have more changes next week.

Trey Wainman