11/17/15            Hello! This is Robotics Team 6762.  Today is 11/17/15 . Our first post on our new blog.  We are students from Regional 7.  Right now we are working contacting companies for $$$$, parts, and tools. The purpose of our blog is to let you guys and girls to know what our status is.  We like to let companies know what our weekly progress is so they know we work hard at what we do.  We also put up this blog to share our designs with fellow teams like us.  We also put this blog up to let people to know that we need $$$ or robot parts.  Our robot this year is a four stage tower that will deposit the whiffle balls in the rolling towers. If you do not know the challenge, watch//www.youtube.com/channel/UCtmc0GLTryzmB9cIUbD8l3w .                  




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