This meeting we created a project plan for our team to follow over the summer meetings. We created a project plan to help the organization of our team throughout the summer months, and to enable us to make judgment calls on the feasability of our goals over the summer after the first couple weeks of summer. We are going to bring up our Summer Project Plan at the beginning of every meeting to align each subteam's goals too the overall team objectives. 

In todays meeting we discussed the long term plans for putting togeather out teams goals for the future. 

By next meeting we are going to put togeather our team's long term goals and begin our plan for fundraising. In respect to fundraising, we are working to make up the deficite that we developed throughout our build season.  We also have began to work on finishing our robot. Our plan for our robot is too bring it to the point in design as well as physically, where we would want it if we were to be competing in super-regionals.