After the competition, we had a debrief day to figure out what we did well or not, and what other people did well and what they struggled with. We did well with transporting blocks, while some other teams had a very good system for stacking. Some different designs that we saw were a set of rubberized wheels to pull a block in the robot chassis. One team had enough time to manage to incorporate an RGB LED system on the underbody of their robot. 

Today we worked on making the signs for the competition we are hosting. During this process we had to work with our materials to figure out how to use the tools.

We all went in a cool room with a bunch of equipment. it was awesome, because they were tools that you usually don't see anywhere else really. I went around and looked at them and asked questions about the tools. it was fun :).

today in robotics, I was able to watch a 3D printer print something and it looked neat.

I'm not sure what it was.

Today me, joanas and nick. we sorted most of the stuff in the droors in the back room and took it to the closit in the workshop.