This is the artifact bottom plate for the retrieval device. This is the first time ever we have made a CAD file from a DXF file. We used a program to bring a strange incomplete plate shape not even reconised as a shape, and insted of recreating it, we had to build a datum plane on it and trace it. But the effort payed off. We came out with an incredibly precise model and we are to soon repeat this process rapidly to catch up with our build team, which has gone over the horizon ahead of us.


In attendance: Olivia, Lindsay, Caaitlin, Leif, Bradley, Ptrick, Jaiden, Nole, Alex, and Aiden

Mr. T and Alex voluntered at the JR FLL Expo as judges.  It was a great experience to witness the passion of the JR FLL teams.  While we only got to judge a single team, it was a great experience and we look forward to doing it again in the future!

20180128 134931


Jaiden, Caitlin, Leif, Tyler, Nole, Istvan, Nole, Alex, Jake, Chris. Mike.

In attendance: Leif, Tyler, Nole, Alex, Aiden, and Caitlin