Here are the finished Artifact Lifter brackets CNCd today, they are cut from .5" aluminum:


20180206 213846



Today, I was tasked with 3D designing, my job being to 3D print a servo to carbon fiber rod adapter.  This is a adapter that adapts the the servo hub to a carbon fiber rod that will knock off the family jewels.  It was fairly simple i created a cylinder that would fit on to the hub and subtracted parts for screws . lastly i added a friction fitting tube to hold the carbon fiber tube.

IMG 00361a carbonmpunt

We ran into a problem where our scissor extender that we are going to use for the relic sags downwards by at least 5 to 6 inches, so we are planning to put an arc that closely resembles a Fibonacci spiral (Image below) at the back end of our robot connected to a servo so that when it rotates the spiral will slowly lift the back end of the robot canceling out the dropping of the arm, we aren't sure if we will be implementing this design or not so we haven't looked to much into it but we still have the plans for a backup. 


Fibonacci Spiral Image

Today i have tasked with 3D designing and 3D print a mount for the pixy camera unit. The pixy is being used to look at the jewels and tell the robot witch ball to knock off in autonomous mode.The mount had to fit on the upper part of the relic lift. We only have one Pixy camera so I had to design the mount so that it would be swappable from one side to the other side depending on the alliance that we are on. The first revision was very blocky and did not fit on one of the sides because of the scissor lift, I proceed to add chamfers and fillets as needed to make the part function as intended.

pixymountIMG 00351

This is the arm that connects the scissor extender to the bucket grabber for the relic, at the top to the right of the NRG is the mount holes for where the arm will connect to the servo at the end of the scissor extender and the hole below the 6762 is where the bearing will go to attach the actual bucket gripper for the relic   

2018 02 14 18 58 52 ArtifactBucketArm