We were lucky to get to share the FRC kickoff event with our school's FRC team. We were able to make it into a build day at the school and we took a break for the kickoff and follow up.  Unfortunately, it was ended early due to accumulating snow.


20170107 103251

Some of our team members went to support our school's FRC team with recruitment for their team.

20170107 103251

Today worked more on the field for the scrimmage on December the 3rd we finally got the parts to put together the field ramp. It was very self explanitory because there were instructions and it told us exactly what to do.

20161203 120954

Today we had one of the largest outreach events we have had in a while. We held a build day/scrimmage at our school.  The intention with  Canton (the only other team that came) with the intentions of working on our robots and having practice matches, but neither of us actually had functioning robots at the same time. By the time on team was done testing on the field, they would go to work on any problems, and the other team would head to test. We did however have a productive day and both teams got some great ideas from the other. During the earlier parts of the day, we actually got large parts of the robot done. Our foam floor pads didn't ship in time, so Canton lent theirs to us for the time so we had the field set up for testing. Unfortunatley, near the end of the day, one of the rollers on our mecanum wheels broke when it got stuck on the wooden centerpiece.

On October 7th, 2016, we were given a tour of Wittmann-Battenfield, one of our main sponsors this season, Robotics Facility at 1 Technology Park Drive, Torrington, CT 06790. During the tour, we learned about what they do and how they contribute to the plastic injection industry. The facility that we visited was solely for the purpose of building XYZ robots that take the injections out of their molds. On the tour, we saw the construction and troubleshooting of these arms. We also had a demonstration by a polymer engineer about different types of plastic and how they were invented and how useful they are in our world; there are certain ascpects of our life that could not exist without plastics. This tour gave us a great demonstration into the world of injection molding and real life examples. As an added bonus, they were kind enough to give us blanket anchors engraved with our names.