Today I redesigned and 3d printed a second version of the lepal pin that I designed and printed in a previous meeting.  this new version has a slot on the back.



Tonight I 3D printed two pins in the shape of gears with the school's new 3D printer.  To design them I used premade gears and then added raised text on the surface of the gear,  the text that I wrote on them is "NRG 6762".

 20161024 201836 1







Today I worked on learning PTC for the first time. It was sort of confusing at first, but I seemed to get the hang of it. I learned through a tutorial on youtube that went through all of the basics of the PTC program. I didn't fisish the whole project, but I think that the next lesson will come easy.



Today I worked on making the base of the robot in PTC creo computer assisted design. For this challenge, we chose to have an H frame to keep all of our mechanisms from being blocked.  We were originally trying to import and cut the beams that the base is made of, but it was not working so I made a rectangle and cut out the shape of the base.