Today I had a very challenging and exact part that I need to 3D design and 3D print. the goal of this part was to have a part that would slide into a cutout in the plexiglass side of our robot then it would be able to put the phone in and 1. have full access to the screen and buttons 2. have the phone easily accessible on the side of the robot  3. have the phone protected from other robots and 4. keep the data cable plugged even in large jolts (that was a problem that we were having).  I first designed made the holder for the phone, then I cut places for the case to slide into the Plexi on the robot. Lastly to protect the phone I added a cut out on the inside for a protective piece of Plexi to slide to protect the screen from any parts of other robots.  it ended up printing out very well and all that is left to do is have the CNC team CNC a slot for the holder to slide.

Capture phone and holder 1Capture phone and holder 2