This was a specifically hard part to design and 3D print.  the part that I had to make was a bracket that clamped on a stiffened tube to hit the particles into the robot.  the first problem was that I needed to make a part that was strong but would not take that long to 3D print (because our meetings are only 2 .5 hours and after that the school gets locked up).  I managed to design and print 1 version but then it was not strong enough so I added a few fillet and chamfers in a few key places to add more strength. Also I used a different more flexible filament so it would bend and not break.  The filament that I used was ABS instead of PLA this is because ABS is more flexible but it also is known to shrink when it cools.  I printed the second version with the ABS and it worked very well.

Capture falper newCapture flaperold