This meeting Mr.T and I started making another sign for his buisness, it is going to look similar to his first sign but it is going to be made out of a see through plastic like material called lexan. We also started the planning for the sign/plaques we are going to give to our sponsors which are going to have RGB LED's on them to light them up.  

today i almost finished the sign for Mr.T 's business, I got the border and the text done and but I still need to put in the logo of his business, instead of carving in the text/logo I'm going to carve everywhere around them so the letters will pop out of the sign. 

Today I had the task of 3D designing and 3d printing a spool that mounts on the end of a motor then winds up a string that winds up a string that extends and puts the cap ball on the vortex.  I had an original design that would have frayed the rope because of the way that it would have been mounted to the motor hub. i ended up fixing it bu having 4 shafts for screws to go through. this worked out well and I 3d printed it and it came out well but it was extremely adhered to the print bead.  our mentor tried to get the part off but we ended up cracking the glass heated print bead, witch we will need to replace soon.


today the goal was to 

Today Mr.Trotto and I designed and started to cnc the teams pins which have our team logo and name, we imported the image of our logo and traced its bitmap to give it vectors for the cnc machine to follow, we had to choose if we wanted the gear in our logo to be completely carved out or just the outline of it to be carved, the difference in the amount of time it would take between the two was very drastic, we ultimatly decided to completely carve out the gear and the entire process will take about 3 hours. We where originally going to have our team number on the pins as well but when tested it didn't come out very good so we decided to leave it out.nrgteampinsscreenshot